Within this site you’ll find content that I’ve created for other games. I used to support these games more heavily, but now find myself without the time to do so. You’re free to use what you find here, with my compliments, but please do not republish any of this material without my consent. I may add items to this list down the road.


I hope you enjoy what you find!


Ancients is the precursor to the Ancients Battles Deluxe and Dawn of Battle and that have their own dedicated sites above. I’m providing the huge list of scenarios previously available for download.


Click here to download the Ancients Scenario Archive.


Flagship is a quick playing science-fiction combat game designed by Dan Verssen, who also did Down In Flames and the original version of Cold War Naval Battles. I always found it to be a neat game, but it did not do very well in the market place. To make it a little easier to play, I put together a set of damage markers (you’re supposed to use dice to track damage, but this proved too cumbersome to me). These markers are designed to be mounted two-sided, but that’s not strictly necessary.


 Flagship Damage Markers Front

 Flagship Damage Markers Back



One-Page Bulge is a simple and quick-playing, but surprisingly accurate, simulation of the Battle of the Bulge during December, 1944. It was designed by Steve Jackson and published originally in 1980 as something of a bet. Could a war-game be published with all of the rules on a single letter-sized piece of paper? Well ... it can!

Presented here are graphic updates to this excellent little game to enhance its play. All have been approved for use by Steve Jackson Games.

For best results, right-click each link and opt to save the linked file. Each file is pushing 20mb.

 One-Page Bulge Update Kit

 One-Page Bulge Full 22 x 34" Map (lo-res)

 One-Page Bulge Full 11 x 17" NW Map Panel (med-res)

 One-Page Bulge Full 11 x 17" NE Map Panel (med-res)

 One-Page Bulge Full 11 x 17" SE Map Panel (med-res)

 One-Page Bulge Full 11 x 17" SW Map Panel (med-res)



Up Front is Avalon Hill's card game of squad-level combat. The game uses personality and vehicle cards to represent the men and equipment of the German, Russian, and American forces during WWII. Future expansions added the British and Japansese (Banzai) as well as the French and Italians (Desert War). Using an action deck of 162 cards provide the various actions and terrain usable by the squads in play. Nationality based limitations and advantages, in conjunction with a continuously changing situation provided by the action deck, more accurately simulates the fog-of-war and battlefield chaos experienced by combatants than any other game to my knowledge. It is arguably the most accurate simulation of infantry combat yet published. Although currently out-of-print, components may be purchased from the Wargame Vault.


The antecedent of this web site is the Relative Range newsletter, which was a quarterly publication dedicated to Up Front. Sadly, it was discontinued owing to eventual lack of material. A total of ten issues were published (spanning about three years of effort). The bulk of articles printed within these issues, in addition to several other articles which were too extensive for the newsletter's format, have been consolidated into the Relative Range anthology.


An extensive Up Front website has already been created by Andrew Maly, which includes html versions of the original ten issues of the Relative Range newsletter. The link below will direct you to that excellent site. Included here are the "ghosts" of Relative Range ... notes, blurbs, and whatnot from the files that never made it into print.


Go to the Up Front web site


Andy Maly has "webified" the original ten issues of Relative Range! You can download them in .htm format by clicking here!


Below are large graphics files of variant terrain cards for Jungle and Desert terrain.


    * Download the Jungle Cards

    * Download the Desert Cards

    * Download the Oasis Markers


Here is a guide I put together a looooong time ago to determine viable opponent pairings, without having to futz with the Desert War tables.


Download a compressed .pdf file containing the Personality Cards referenced by several scenarios from the Relative Range newsletters and the Relative Range Anthology.


We the People is Avalon Hill's second strategic level game on the American Revolution (the first being 1776), and is arguably the best simulation of the war yet published. It is also the grand-daddy of the very popular card-driven games.


Unlike other games on the topic, We the People stresses the political aspects of the American Revolution, rather than the military aspects (which were more of a means to an end in that conflict). Players struggle to convert the hearts and minds of the colonies to their side of the war through the play of strategy and event cards. Winning requires that one side have sufficient colonial support when the war ends.


As the first game of its type, it is much simpler to learn and play than its successors. However, some of the mechanics can be confusing, particularly when trying to determine political control of the various towns on the board. To help keep things clear, I created a set of player aid cards that summarize the game's initial setup, victory conditions, and the placement of political control markers.


Download the Player Aid Cards.

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