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In TECH-BUBBLE, 3 to 6 players ride the technology market roller coaster at the turn of the 21st century as it surges and eventually plunges. The players represent various market sectors during the "Dot.Com Bubble". They make decisions to stay in the market and ride out the surge or get out before the bubble bursts. Timing and nerves of steel are everything. And along the way players can affect each other's investments and decisions by crafty play.


TECH-BUBBLE is my first “Euro” style game and is designed for quick play. It is a “push your luck” game in the same vein as “Diamant” and “Inca Gold.” However, as a wargamer, I’ve removed the “passive” from the “aggressive” in order to add an element of “screw your neighbor” to the game. The Dot.Com bust was not a friendly affair, and neither is TECH-BUBBLE! Of course, all is in good fun ...



The components for the game include:


  • 49 Draw Cards

  • 6 Sector Special Ability Cards

  • 1 Sheet of Game Markers

  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Rule Book



The following rules were part of the original design of TECH-BUBBLE, but found their way to the cutting room floor. You may use them to enhance your enjoyment of the game.


Negative Earnings

Players begin each round with 5 on the Current Investments Track rather than zero. If a player’s Current Round Investments drop below zero, the balance is deducted from their Total Earnings at double the rate. If the shortfall cannot be covered, the penalized player may “raid” the Total Earnings of other players to cover it.


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