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Have at You! is a quick-playing card game about hand-to-hand combat during the 16th to 18th Centuries, as inspired by films such as the Errol Flynn classics of the 1940s as well as the more recent Pirates of the Carribean series. Each player takes the role of fighters who can get their hands on any weapons available to defeat the enemy. Each fighter has a fixed number of physical damage points that, once expended, result in his or her death.


In the base set, combat takes place aboard a ship, with the kind of weaponry available that one might expect: Daggers, Cutlasses, Belaying Pins, Pikes, Pistols, Grappling Hooks, and the occasional Bottle of Rum. Future expansions will explore other locations, such as Taverns and Encampments.


Play follows a basic rock-paper-scissors mechanic of taking actions when available and trying to avoid their cancellation through the opponent's play of reaction cards. But be careful! Every action causes fatigue, with nastier weapons causing more of it. As fighters get tired, fatigue turns to physical damage, so a player must balance the health of their own fighter while trying to take down the enemy.


There are several ways to play the game. At the most basic is a "duel" where a player wins once his or her opponent goes down. "Brawls" can also be played, where the death of an opponent "spawns" a new enemy, so victory is dependent upon the number of fighters eliminated on both sides. This base set also supports up to four players, so teams can fight against each other, while assisting teammates.


The base set includes over 140 "mini-cards" that can be self-printed along with the other tracks necessary to play. There is also an option to have the mini-cards professionally published at a reasonable cost. All of the components were designed to fit within a "video tape box."


NOTE: The "Card(s)" option does not include the rules and charts needed for play. If you want the printed cards and the rest of the game, make sure to select the PDF+Card(s) option.


Come test your mettle on the high seas with Have at You!


Have at You! is available in electronic format from the Wargame Vault. All of the components are presented either as easy-to-print graphic images or PDF files. There is also an option to purchase professionally printed mini-cards (to save ink and sanity). Click here to purchase a copy!


The components for the game include:


  • 1 Rules Sheet (legal-sized)

  • 140 mini-cards (2.5" x 1.625")

  • 4 Fighter Tracking Cards

  • 2 Brawl Scoring Cards

  • 2 Player Aid Cards



Wargame Vault

BoardgameGeek (tbd)


Game Rules

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