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M.A.A.S Impact  is a tactical level game of man-to-man combat in a dark future. Players manage a squad or full platoon of heavily armed and armored soldiers as they navigate through blasted terrain to accomplish their mission. This could be to capture or hold terrain, break through the enemy lines, or simply destroy enemy soldiers.

Each soldier is tracked with his or her own data card, allowing the capabilities of each to be hidden until engaged. Ten different soldier types, each with its own abilities can be selected as part of a squad, through ten different scenarios across ten different tabloid-sized (11x17 inch) geomorphic maps, allowing for hundreds of different battlefield configurations. An included “design-your-own” system makes it easy to create your own scenarios.

Also included are guidelines on how to play M.A.A.S Impact using miniatures, either with or without the map sheets.

In addition to the print-and-play components, the option to purchase a set of professionally printed soldier cards is available. This deck of cards also includes hidden setup cards as well as a “marker test” card that can be used to test the ability to remove wet-erase or grease pencil marks from the cards before possibly damaging the soldier cards.

Fire your powered armor, heat up your weapon pack, and prepare for mayhem in the wasteland with M.A.A.S Impact!


M.A.A.S Impact will soon be available from


The components for the game include:

  • Rules Manual

  • Geomorphic Map Sheets (10)

  • Scenario Cards (12)

  • Player Aid Cards (2)

  • Turn Track

  • Counter Sheets, double-sided (3)

  • Soldier Cards, double-sided (126)

  • Action Cards (72)

  • Sheet of Hidden Setup Cards

  • Movement/Range Gauge (for miniatures)



Wargame Vault (soon)

BoardgameGeek (soon)

ConsimWorld Forum (soon)


Game Rules (low res)

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