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Lock n' Load Publishing's Tactical System (LnLT) presents a squad-level simulation of World War II combat. After having played pretty much every squad-level game published to date, I keep coming back to LnLT. For me, it offers the best balance of playability vs. realism and control vs. chaos. It also has a huge number of scenarios available through nine games and four scenario books, and all of the major nation forces from WWII. Lock n Load Publishing has also made it even easier to create new scenarios through the creation of Battle Generators for each game.

Make sure to visit Lock n Load Publishing's site through the link to the right.


Each infantry unit represents an individual squad comprised of roughly 10 to 20 men. Support Weapon units represent two men trained on the operation of heavier, specialized weapons. Leader units represent individual commanders (both commissioned and non-commissioned) as well as heroes, medics, snipers, etc. Weapon units (light, medium and heavy) are all represented by individual game pieces. Vehicle units (tracked, half-tracked and wheeled) represent individual vehicles.


The game maps included in each LnLT game graphically portray the terrain forms fought over, under and around during the specific battles or campaigns portrayed. For the most part, each title in the series comes with a set of geomorphic maps used to represent the terrain fought over. There are also several historical expansion modules whose maps depict the actual terrain at a specific battleifield. All maps are superimposed with a grid of hexagons used to regulate movement and spotting (for the purpose of combat).


One of the strengths of LnLT is that each game in the series is completely stand-alone. The purchase of one game to play the scenarios presented in another is not necessary. Players are free to choose the battles they want to fight. The series is also split into two eras: WW2 and Modern (with the split occurring at roughly 1959-60).


This web site represents the official support center for my own additions to the LnLT series of games and expansions.


Hell Frozen Over is a nine-scenario expansion pack designed for use with the excellent LnLT game Heroes of the Pacific. The scenarios included within are based upon the actions on Attu Island between the Japanese and US Army in May, 1943. The creation of the scenarios is a result of my research into the conflict on Attu, which also resulted in the publication of my game War in the Wind (Compass Games).


In addition to the Hell Frozen Over module, I've also create other support content for LnLT:

Vehicle/Ordnance Cards: A series of vehicle and ordnance reference cards so that players do not have to flip one of these units over to read its table or refer to the more cumbersome chart that comes with each game. These were designed to be printed on  perforated business card stock available from pretty much any office supply store.

Portable Solo Decision Tool: This is a hyperlinked PDF document that can be viewed on a computer or smart device that walks you through the decision tables used by LnLT:Solo. Rather than struggle with the big charts, use your smart device instead!

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