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1914 Deluxe is an operational level hex-and-counter wargame that covers the first few months of the First World War when the German Army began its offensive into neighboring France. The German player must decide how best to perform the initial invasion. Should it be a direct assault across the French border, or should the assault follow the “Schlieffen Plan” of a march through a more lightly defended Belgium?

Several factors outside of the players’ control add challenges, frustration, and a high level of replayability.

Will the players be able to define their own invasion plans or will their respective “High Commands” dictate a pre-determined setup? Will treaties be signed with neighboring states that might impact the availability of additional forces? And what of the looming threat of action on the Eastern Front? All these provide a variable, but accurate simulation of the First World War’s opening moves.

The game includes a huge 34” by 44” map), that covers the western border of France from Belgium and the North Sea to Switzerland in the south at roughly ten miles per hex. Combat units are mostly corps, with a smattering of divisions and brigades, representing infantry, cavalry, and artillery. These pieces represent the forces of not only Germany and France, but also Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even a couple of Italians. The terrain depicted on the map is a challenge to navigate, with forces depending upon the use of rail lines to more quickly advance and provide the supply needed to fight.

The basis for 1914 Deluxe is the original 1914 game published by The Avalon Hill Game Company in March of 1968. The project began as an effort to create an updated version of the original game’s ugly “painted” map that is difficult to decipher in many respects. Once completed, it was not that much of an effort to also create a new, colorful set of counters (including new informational markers) that simplifies play. It was then a short, additional step to rewrite the rules in a manner that incorporates some of the “advanced” rules, some new rules, and known errata to create a new, cohesive rules set of under twelve pages.


This updated version takes what was originally a difficult game to play, more due to its components than its rules, and provides a relatively simple, exciting, and highly replayable gaming experience. For those who prefer the original game (warts and all), they are welcome to simply use the new map with or without the new counters for a more colorful experience.

Now, YOU can refight the opening months of the First World War!


1914: Deluxe is available now from War Diary Publications. War Diary magazine subscribers receive a discount! Click here to purchase a copy!


The components for the game include:


  • 1 Large Map (34 x 44") presented in two sheets

  • 3 Sheets of unit and status markers

  • 2 Player Aid Cards

  • 32 Playing Cards for political effects and mobilizations

  • 1 Rules Manual

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