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Critical Hit's Advanced Tobruk System (ATS) presents a squad-level simulation of World War II combat.


Each infantry unit represents an individual squad comprised of roughly 10 to 20 men. Crew units represent two men trained on the operation of heavier, specialized weapons. Leader units represent individual commanders (both commissioned and non-commissioned) as well as forward observers and political officers. Weapon units (light, medium and heavy) are all represented by individual game pieces. Vehicle units (tracked, half-tracked and wheeled) represent individual vehicles.


The game maps included in each ATS game graphically portray the terrain forms fought over, under and around during the specific battles or campaigns portrayed. With the exception of the first game in the series (Advanced Tobruk), each game provides an historically accurate map. Advanced Tobruk, on the other hand, uses "generic" desert terrain maps and overlays to build a representation of the terrain as necessary. All maps are superimposed with a grid of hexagons used to regulate movement and spotting (for the purpose of combat).


One of the strengths of ATS is that each game in the series is completely stand-alone. The purchase of one game to play the scenarios presented in another is not necessary. Players are free to choose the battles they want to fight.


This web site represents the official support center for my own additions to the ATS series of games and expansions.


Surprised Outside of Strass is a four scenario expansion pack designed for use with the excellent ATS game Darkest December (designed by Pedro Ramis). The scenarios included within are based upon the actions in and around the village of Strass during the battle for the Hurtgen Forest in December, 1944.

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