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War in the Wind is a two-player game depicting the American effort to recapture the Aleutian island of Attu from the occupying Japanese during May 1943. The Japanese forces are dug in on the island and it’s up to the Americans, ill-trained and ill-equipped, to dislodge them.


The Japanese player moves his forces inverted, and employs “dummy” units to disguise where his real strength may lay. The American forces must slog their way onto the island and maintain supply lines back to their landing zones or suffer the consequences of attacking under the extremely harsh Attu conditions. The US player is limited in the amount of time available to clear out the Japanese, and must choose carefully when to refit and rebuild.


This web site represents the official support center for War in the Wind on the Web. From here, you can download the latest rules revisions and supplementary components for the game.



The components for the game include:


  •  1 22x34” map sheet

  •  1+ countersheet of 9/16” counters

  •  2 chart and tables cards

  •  1 rules manual

  •  3 ten-sided dice


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